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15th & Platte Local Flavor Guide BY localflavor
15th & Platte Local Flavor Guide

About the Neighborhood

This project is part of the Local Flavor Guide series produced by the Mile High Business Alliance (2007-2015). The neighborhood at 15th & Platte in Denver hangs out just across the Platte River from Downtown Denver but before you get to the Lower Highlands. Many people have been drawn to the area by its most well-known (and not locally-owned landmark), the REI flagship store, and have discovered this small strip of interesting businesses along the way. Download the Guide

My Role in this Project

I designed the overall look for the guide series and each individual guide. The images used in each guide is a combination of photography that I shot, illustrations I drew, and some stock images. Click through the thumbnails above to see the finished guide and the photos I took for it.

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