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Book design BY localflavor

This project was really fun. In addition to the usual cover design and book layout, I got to do some copy editing and writing. If you’re into family histories, this one is about a Pennsylvania oil family from the 1800s through the 1940s, written by a member of the family. You can even pick up a paperback pretty cheaply too here.

Historic family photo album restoration and enhancement BY localflavor

It isn’t very often that I get to play like this! This project was really great. I was given a family photo album made after a road trip through New England in 1939. The album covers were wood and the old brown pages were bound with yellow yarn. After carefully disassembling the book and scanning the pages as-is, I recreated a pixel version of the book so that it could be printed and bound, and shared with more people.

Instead of just printing the book as it was, I duplicated each page and included photo tags, family stories about the trip, and pieces of historical research to round out the book. Now instead of just photos, the family has a durable version that includes all of the stories about the trip. The Beck Family Road Trip – by Elva Beck paperback can be found here.

Not only did I get to create a really cool product, I also learned a lot about what it meant to take a road trip in 1939.

The Internet Plan BY localflavor
The Internet Plan front cover

The Internet Plan by Mary Camacho is a book for small business owners who need a web presence but don’t know how to get started. My role in this project was book layout and illustration. In addition to the work on the book itself, I have done sales collateral for point of sale, business cards, etc.

Love Kangaroo BY localflavor
book design for Love Kangaroo

About this Project

Love Kangaroo is a book that I self-published in September 2010. I contributed all of the content as well as the page layout and book cover. I created a shorter edition of the book and called Goatworthy. The cover is different, though related-looking and the contents have the same formatting.

The Face of the Girl BY localflavor

About the Project

The Face of the Girl is an historical novel written by Janny Beck Jameson. The novel spans the lives of several pioneer women living in Pennsylvania from the early 1700s to the late 1980s. The book includes narrative, maps, an historical time line, and family trees.

My Role in this Project

Janny Beck Jameson came to me with a manuscript that she wished to turn into a book. After editing and proofreading, I crafted the book into its current format. This included page layout, table of contents population, map illustration, time line research, family tree illustration, and cover design. Since the author wanted to produce both hardback and paperback versions, I created a cover design to fit each format.

Program Books BY localflavor

About these Projects

An often overlooked, but important piece of event collateral is the program book. When done correctly, a program book should present all important information in an easily navigable format. For these projects, I used stock and provided images along with prepared copy. I did some editing down of copy and a lot of formatting. Program books can be really fun projects for getting into the organization of style sheets and master pages.

Great Little Walks BY localflavor
Great Little Walks book design

About this Project

Great Little Walks is a trail/field guide created by the Allegheny Trail Alliance in an effort educate area trail users on the various excursion opportunities and amenities along the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). The GAP is a crushed limestone bike/ped recreational corridor that stretches 135 between Pittsburgh, PA and Washington DC. This book features trail access points around the Pittsburgh area and is geared towards use by senior citizens.

My Role

Though I did some editing work, the bulk of my work was centered around the page layout and cover design.