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Colorado Local First Campaign BY localflavor
Colorado Local First sticker campaign

About the Project

Colorado Local First is a public outreach campaign by the Mile High Business Alliance intended to draw attention to the decision-making process of spending money locally, first. This campaign takes different forms, the two largest being Buy Local Week and Local Flavor Guides.

My Role in this Project

Creative direction, design, illustration, photography, and copywriting

Feeling the local love and want your own schwag?

The Mile High Business Alliance has stickers and t-shirts with some of the designs. 303-872-5646.

Buy Local Week 2010 BY localflavor
Buy Local Week billboard

About the Project

Every year in Denver, Black Friday kicks off Buy Local Week. This is a campaign to encourage people to shop for their holiday gifts at locally owned businesses and to educate people on the economic impact of doing so. The campaign had plenty of collateral pieces including

  • logo design
  • event banners (slide 1 above)
  • billboards (slide 2)
  • bus ads (slides 3-6)
  • shopping guide and bingo game piece (slide 7)
  • posters (slides 8 & 9)
  • magazine ads
  • bingo submission boxes
  • web ads
  • POS instruction cards

All of these materials had the same look and feel as well as the same basic message–though often each ad or poster used a different example for why buying local first is a good choice. There were a number of large format pieces (billboards, bus ads…) that required a little extra planning.

My Role in this Project

I created the theme of the campaign, provided the art direction, copy, design, and illustration for all of the pieces.