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Annual Report BY localflavor
Mile High Business Alliance 2011 Annual Report Cover

My Role in this Project

This is one of those fun projects that had a general outline for content, but that grew and evolved as the design developed. For example, instead of a list of highlights from the year, I thought a timeline with thumbnails would be a more interesting way to present the information. Also, since the organization’s biggest assets are its relationships and connections to other people, I decided to add a playful staff profile section–just another opportunity to say “hi! we’re actual people and not just some name on an automated phone menu somewhere.”

I created all of the staff illustrations and shot most of the photos.

The Internet Plan BY localflavor
The Internet Plan front cover

The Internet Plan by Mary Camacho is a book for small business owners who need a web presence but don’t know how to get started. My role in this project was book layout and illustration. In addition to the work on the book itself, I have done sales collateral for point of sale, business cards, etc.

Program Books BY localflavor

About these Projects

An often overlooked, but important piece of event collateral is the program book. When done correctly, a program book should present all important information in an easily navigable format. For these projects, I used stock and provided images along with prepared copy. I did some editing down of copy and a lot of formatting. Program books can be really fun projects for getting into the organization of style sheets and master pages.

Magazine Editorial Design BY localflavor

About these Projects

For magazine editorial layout, I was working with provided images and copy and a set number of single pages and spreads as space. For certain projects, such as the doctor profiles (which you’ll see if you scroll through the images above), I was able to work with the photographer to help shape the people to make the layout more interesting.