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Denver Energy Challenge BY localflavor
Denver Energy Challenge logo

About the Program

The Denver Energy Challenge is a program created by the City and County of Denver to encourage businesses and individuals to conserve energy use. The program offers educational programs and some rebate incentives for smarter energy use and building upgrades.

My Role in this Project

I designed the logo and several collateral pieces including a window cling and web badge for participating businesses, certificates, mailers, and other event-specific pieces.

Highlands Square Local Flavor Guide BY localflavor
HIghlands Square Local Flavor Guide cover

About the Neighborhood

This project is part of the Local Flavor Guide series produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. The Highlands Square neighborhood is just west across the river and up the hill from downtown Denver. The Highlands neighborhoods are full of beautiful homes and colorful businesses. It makes a great Saturday bike adventure from downtown. The art direction for this guide, as always is to give a good feel of the neighborhood. Download the guide (2011).

My Role in this Project

I designed the overall look for the guide series and each individual guide. The images used in each guide is a combination of photography that I shot, illustrations I drew, and some stock images. Click through the thumbnails above to see the finished guide and the photos I took for it.

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Colorado Local First Campaign BY localflavor
Colorado Local First sticker campaign

About the Project

Colorado Local First is a public outreach campaign by the Mile High Business Alliance intended to draw attention to the decision-making process of spending money locally, first. This campaign takes different forms, the two largest being Buy Local Week and Local Flavor Guides.

My Role in this Project

Creative direction, design, illustration, photography, and copywriting

Feeling the local love and want your own schwag?

The Mile High Business Alliance has stickers and t-shirts with some of the designs. 303-872-5646.

MHBA General Outreach Collateral BY localflavor
Mile High Business Alliance Business Cards

About this Project

This project is an ongoing outreach campaign for the Mile High Business Alliance. It includes lots of print pieces directed towards members and potential members as well as general outreach to the public.

My Role in this Project

I do all of the design, illustration, and art direction–along with some copywriting and photography.

Lone Tree Arts Center Marketing Collateral BY localflavor

About this Project

The Lone Tree Arts Center is a new performing/visual arts center in Lone Tree Colorado. They were seeking a complete branding package and contracted Workhorse Creative Co for the work.

My Role in this Project

Working with a team of designers, we created the logo and brand strategy. Aside from brainstorming and early design concepts, my contributions were the complete design of some collateral based on the brand strategy we created. The collateral I created is shown above.

Buy Local Week 2010 BY localflavor
Buy Local Week billboard

About the Project

Every year in Denver, Black Friday kicks off Buy Local Week. This is a campaign to encourage people to shop for their holiday gifts at locally owned businesses and to educate people on the economic impact of doing so. The campaign had plenty of collateral pieces including

  • logo design
  • event banners (slide 1 above)
  • billboards (slide 2)
  • bus ads (slides 3-6)
  • shopping guide and bingo game piece (slide 7)
  • posters (slides 8 & 9)
  • magazine ads
  • bingo submission boxes
  • web ads
  • POS instruction cards

All of these materials had the same look and feel as well as the same basic message–though often each ad or poster used a different example for why buying local first is a good choice. There were a number of large format pieces (billboards, bus ads…) that required a little extra planning.

My Role in this Project

I created the theme of the campaign, provided the art direction, copy, design, and illustration for all of the pieces.

Local Flavor Guides BY localflavor

Click on an image below to learn more about that guide.

About the Project

The Local Flavor Guide series is produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. We started this project back in the fall of 2007 when Local Flavor Marketing Group met the Business Alliance at a local first festival. We knew immediately that we could work together and work together well to make some great stuff happen. We supported the project so much that we gave it our name and brand. Though our brand has since changed, the Local Flavor Guides are strong and well-established in Denver neighborhoods.

Copying is the Greatest Form of Flattery

But it still kind of stinks when it happens to you. In 2010, a neighborhood wanted a Local Flavor GuideTM, but at the last minute decided to make their own guide. Strangely enough, their guide looked one heck of a lot like a Local Flavor GuideTM. Not long after that, more guides were popping up in other neighborhoods. The feedback we were getting was that the Local Flavor Guides were so nice, they looked like they were being made by a larger company — instead of by 1 designer and 1-2 coordinators. What can I say? We started something even more important than a set of guides to local businesses: we inspired people to take ownership and take action on behalf of their neighborhoods and local businesses. And isn’t that what we were trying to do in the first place?

It’s a great reminder to do what you love, doing it passionately and with the highest quality you can muster, and you’ll get where you’re going, even if the journey wasn’t what you expected.

My Role in this Project

We developed the over brand for the project along with the concept of exactly what purpose the guides should serve. Since then, I design each guide including most photos and illustrations.