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So you finally finished your manuscript and it’s time to self-publish! Hooray! Congratulations! First of all, I’m pretty darned proud of you. Second of all, I’m really excited to be able to help you get your manuscript into the format you need in order to upload it to Amazon’s Kindle publishing, Barnes & Noble’s Nook publishing, or anywhere else you want to take it. After going through the process of self-publishing my own works (which you may have seen on my travel blog), I figured it would be silly not to help other writers make the leap from “someday” to “today.”


Get Your Manuscript Ready to Publish for $150

eBook Formatting Though lots of things can be automated nowadays, ebook formatting still requires human eyes and a human brain to make sure your ebook is formatted correctly. Conveniently for you, I’m a human! And I can take that Word doc and turn it into the highest quality files for viewing on ebook readers, tablets, and smartphones.
Manuscript Conversion Up to 40,000 words
Image Conversion Up to 20 images, tables, and charts
Hyperlinks & Footnotes Up to 20 footnotes and links to websites
Free High Fives & Good Vibes Hey, hive five! You did it! You wrote a book!
This price does not include editing or cover art design. It also assumes you have done your proofreading and your book is 100% ready to go, like pressing “print” and having a book come out.


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What’s standing between you and having your very own book published on Amazon.com so that the whole world can buy it? Really, nothing at this point. Send me your files and I’ll send you an ebook.

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What You Provide to Me What I Create for You
  • Your complete, edited, ready-to-publish manuscript in MS Word
  • Your cover artwork (550px wide x 800px tall)
  • Files for any images that appear in your book (550px wide x max 600px high)
  • The publishing details & metadata (ex: author name, editor name, cover designer name, publishing date, copyright info)
  • An EPUB file (most versatile ebook format – can be uploaded to any self-publishing platform)
  • A MOBI file (the Kindle ebook format)

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