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Castle Pines Local Flavor Guide BY localflavor
Castle Pines Local Flavor Guide - cover

About the Neighborhood

Castle Pines is a small city just south of Lone Tree and north of Castle Rock, Colorado. Though the business district is nested into Safeway and King Soopers plazas, there are actually several locally-owned businesses there. There’s also a castle about 4 miles west of the business district that’s pretty interesting to see. The art direction for this guide, as always is to give a good feel of the neighborhood. Download the guide.

My Role in this Project

This project is part of the Local Flavor Guide series produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. I designed the overall look for the guide series and each individual guide. The images used in each guide is a combination of photography that I shot, illustrations I drew, and some stock images. Scroll through the images above to see the finished guide and the photos I took for it.