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Old South Pearl Street 2012 Local Flavor Guide BY localflavor
Old South Pearl Street 2012 Local Flavor Guide

About the Neighborhood

This project is part of the Local Flavor Guide series produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. The Old South Pearl Street shopping district is south east of downtown Denver, between Alameda Ave. and Jewel Ave (north/south) Broadway Blvd and the Washington Park neighborhood (west/east). Download the guide.

Like other neighborhoods in Denver, Old South Pearl Street developed along a street car line. Over the years, the rails went away and eventually the I-25 highway was built, bisecting the neighborhood. The area we now call Old South Pearl Street is just the southern bit of the original neighborhood boundaries – from I-25 on the northern end, to Jewel Ave. on the southern end. This neighborhood is home to boutiques and restaurants. Though the business district has had its booms and slumps over the past 100 years, the area is still relatively affluent.

The art direction for this guide, as always is to give a good feel of the neighborhood.

My Role in this Project

I designed the overall look for the guide series and each individual guide. The images used in each guide is a combination of photography that I shot, illustrations I drew, and some stock images. Click through the thumbnails above to see the finished guide and the photos I took for it. This guide is a remake of the 2007 version.

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