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Santa Fe Arts District Local Flavor Guide BY localflavor
Cover for the Santa Fe Arts Dist Local Flavor Guide

About the Neighborhood

This project is part of the Local Flavor Guide series produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. The Santa Fe Arts District can tout the largest First Friday Art Walk in Denver. This little neighborhood just to the south and west of Denver is packed full of art galleries ad boutiques. You’ll also find some great Mexican food.

My Role in this Project

This guide is part of the first four guides we put together (E Colfax, Santa Fe, Gaylord, Pearl). For these first four guides, I created the umbrella brand for Local Flavor Guides and the basic concept for what information was to be included and how it was to be laid out. I also gathered all of the information on the businesses on foot with clipboard in-hand to make sure everything was accurate.

The art direction for this guide, as always is to give a good feel of the neighborhood. The images used in each guide is a combination of photography that I shot, illustrations I drew, and some stock images. Scroll through the images above to see the finished guide and the photos I took for it.