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Local Flavor Guides BY localflavor

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About the Project

The Local Flavor Guide series is produced by the Mile High Business Alliance. We started this project back in the fall of 2007 when Local Flavor Marketing Group met the Business Alliance at a local first festival. We knew immediately that we could work together and work together well to make some great stuff happen. We supported the project so much that we gave it our name and brand. Though our brand has since changed, the Local Flavor Guides are strong and well-established in Denver neighborhoods.

Copying is the Greatest Form of Flattery

But it still kind of stinks when it happens to you. In 2010, a neighborhood wanted a Local Flavor GuideTM, but at the last minute decided to make their own guide. Strangely enough, their guide looked one heck of a lot like a Local Flavor GuideTM. Not long after that, more guides were popping up in other neighborhoods. The feedback we were getting was that the Local Flavor Guides were so nice, they looked like they were being made by a larger company — instead of by 1 designer and 1-2 coordinators. What can I say? We started something even more important than a set of guides to local businesses: we inspired people to take ownership and take action on behalf of their neighborhoods and local businesses. And isn’t that what we were trying to do in the first place?

It’s a great reminder to do what you love, doing it passionately and with the highest quality you can muster, and you’ll get where you’re going, even if the journey wasn’t what you expected.

My Role in this Project

We developed the over brand for the project along with the concept of exactly what purpose the guides should serve. Since then, I design each guide including most photos and illustrations.